About Us

The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. Pooches Corner employs the most experienced and talented groomers in South Texas. Our groomers have ample experience in professional grooming and are certified. While they don't specialize in a specific breed or size because of the diversity of pooches, they groom all breeds of dogs with superior ability. 


- Certified Pet Stylist / Owner 
       Evident by the terrific following she has built,
       Michelle will cheerfully and patiently groom any dog, 
       providing a keen eye towards creativity and precision.
       Equally comfortable with large or small dogs, long 
       hair or short, Michelle's expertise is skillfully 
       demonstrated across a wide range of dogs, from
       Chihuahuas to St. Bernards from Shih tzus to
       Rottweilers. Michelle's proficiency at scissoring and

        shaping makes her perfect for breeds where extra
       care is appreciated.

Marlene - Graduate Pet Stylist
        Originally from El Paso, Marlene has joined our family
        and has completely surpassed all of our expectations. 
        Her attention to detail and her emotional connection
        to our clients gives Marlene the ability to create works
        of art on all breeds. She has a sincere and earnest
        affection for animals which is communicated in all her
        actions.  Her warmth is felt by the our clientele almost
        instantly and allows Marlene to bring out the very best
        features of your pet's personality and breed.


Grooming at Pooches Corner is generally by appointment and is strongly encouraged.   We are open Monday thru Saturday at 10:00 am.  Pets are dropped off and we estimate your pick-up time although sometimes
we might run a little late, due to unforeseeable circumstances, but rest assured that your loved ones will be in a loving and caring environment.

At Pooches Corner, we believe in letting the pets out for potty breaks and a chance to stretch out.  Pets are kept in the bathing area where they keep the bather company until they are ready for their bath.

At Pooches Corner, we believe in our motto "Paws Above The Rest!" that's why we emphasize not only continued education but bringing our customers the newest in innovations for your pet.  Recently Michelle traveled to Super Zoo the premiere dog grooming and retail show in Las Vegas where she not only attended Super Zoo University but also had the privilege of spending some time and learning techniques from top national celebrity Artist Knox!